The Cure of Knowledge

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CEDRAV – Former monastery and church of San Giacomo

The Cure of Knowledge

Distance from the Start:

700 m

Distance from the Finish

4.800 m


The Cedrav, center for documentation and anthropological research in Valnerina and in the Apennine range, established by the Umbria Region in 1990, is a special place, where you can listen to and rediscover the values, rites, traditions and crafts of the inhabitants of the Valnerina.

The institution, created to collect, preserve and disseminate the memory of local cultures, is today, thanks to a very extensive library and highly trained staff, a point of reference for scholars and for all those interested in cultural, high quality tourism. Its activities include the production of scientific publications, the organization of exhibitions, conferences, educational activities and professional training courses, the rediscovery and study of the ancient crafts of the mountain villages and the implementation of collaborations with schools and other institutions.

The center is housed in the former Church of San Giacomo and in the adjoining monastery. Inside the church there are some valuable canvases by local painters from the 16th and 17th centuries. The walls of the church and a room in the monastery still retain a good part of the fresco decoration of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, in the past damaged and restored, with various sacred representations and figures of angels, saints and praying people, also the work of local painters , perhaps related to the school of the Master of Eggi.

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