The Cure of Water

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Bagni di Tiponzo

The Cure of Water

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5.500 m

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The natural springs of “bagni di Triponzo” are located at the hydrographic right of the Nera river along about 500 mt. Hot sulphate rich water (70°C), rising from deep Triassic formations rich in evaporites, flows up through the Calcare Massiccio Formation, cools down to 30°- 40° C by mixing with cold bicarbonate alkaline-earth water, and emerges in several places at the basis of Mount Fergino.
The hydrothermal, milky white waters were probably known to Virgil; in fact in the Eneid, he defines the river Nera as “white with sulphur water” (amnis sulfurea Nar albus acqua).
In roman times, a thermal structure was built in order to exploit the beneficial properties of the waters; historical sources document its continuous use, with the purchase of the property by Norcia in 1488 and subsequent donation to the Municipality of Cerreto.
In 1887 the thermal building with arcade and baths (Bagni Vecchi) was built; the spa was used until the mid-1900s, then fell into disuse. Thanks to the skilful renovation completed in 2016, today Bagni di Triponzo, with an area of 1700 square meters and a 5-hectare park, is the largest SPA in Umbria. It offers its guests 3 thermal pools, private suites for beauty treatments and massages, a private SPA suite with exclusive thermal tub, a solarium, bar, restaurant, pinseria and a large underground wellness area with sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower and ice waterfall