The Surgical Cure

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B. Vincenzi Documentation Center – Museum of the Mummies

The Surgical Cure

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100 m

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5.400 m


The “Baronio Vincenzi” Documentation Center is a scientific and cultural center that collects anthropological and material cultural findings related to the life and activity of Doctor Baronio Vincenzi, who lived and worked in Borgo Cerreto in the seventeenth century.

The Center also houses the Museum of the Mummies: a permanent exhibition of mummified human bodies and autopsy and anatomical finds discovered by chance, around the middle of the last century, inside the Vincenzi family crypt.

The exhibition is divided into two sections, the educational area and the actual exhibition of the various finds. The educational section illustrates the history of Borgo Cerreto, the life and work of Baronio Vincenzi and the results of scientific studies.

The exhibition section houses two mummified human bodies: the mummy of a soldier who died of complications from a gunshot wound and the mummy of a young woman. Three skulls, which testify to the surgical activity and anatomical studies of Baronio Vincenzi, complete the exhibition. Since 2017 it has been possible to observe the Baronio crypt remotely, through a sophisticated camera system.


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